This is a personal site of Aleksey Tikhonov.

I used to be a programmer, a system architect, a pentester, an e-zine columnist, a tech writer, kind of scientist, a marketing specialist and a stock trader, an entrepreneur and an investment business consultant, a dataminer and an infovis creator.

Now I am the head of search analysis group in Yandex, Inc (one of the world largest Search Engine, so called "Google of Russia").

My main interests are:

  • Datamining / Big Data processing / Link mining
  • Network Analysis / Information propagation research
  • Distributed computation / Self-organization / Procedural generation
  • Text parsing / Text generation / Applied natural language processing and AI / Narratology
  • Information security / System reverse-engineering
  • Visualization / Gamification

Feel free to explore some of my past projects, read my personal blog, check my CV and write back via contacts, .

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