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Wolfram meets Peano

A one-dimensional automata projected into Hilbert's curve

Gallery of discoveries

Some pretty patterns: Teddybear, A flight of a fly, Chess, Carpet, Skullface, Sewing needle, Scratches, Chineese Dragons, Tracery, Arms.

Wolfram automata

Current Wolfram rule is


Once upon a time A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across the strange idea: «Wolfram «Wolfram's one-dimensional cellular automata meets can be mapped to Peano a finite Peano curve Peano curve, which is more known as Hilbert curve, actually (but Peano did the same discovery one year earlier).»

The idea basic idea is simple: one can take each line from the left image one-dimensional generation of automata and curl it to make the right image. curl it up recursively curl it to the two-dimensional grid using Hilbert curve mapping.

Further, one can run the time animate generations step by step and and, since such mapping preserves locality fairly well, has a chance to catch patterns. interesting patterns.

The four colors scheme For deeper detailing, the four colors scheme was used: used at the Peano canvas: the color of each cell is computed based on its current and previous states. the white color means cells, that died a long time ago; the light gray -- just passed away, the dark gray -- newborn ones and black -- confidently alive.

Credits & tech details

Suddenly, At the moment when I decided to build a js-prototype, this simple plan such a simple plan outburst to the project: huge time-wasteful project: I realised that I didn't mess with the client-side for too long. the last time I did some client-side development was more than ten years ago.

So I decided to renew my skills update my knowledge of today's html, js, browsers and such stuff and tried to use some interesting some suitable interesting libraries libraries, concepts and ideas I heard of.

This project involves: Among others this project involves:

The current code was tested under several browsers (Windows versions). Firefox, Firefox 16.0.2, Safari, Safari 5.1.7, Opera Opera 12.10 and some Chromium-based browsers some Chromium-based browsers (latest Google Chrome and latest Yandex Browser) — Windows versions. No MSIE support at all. Sorry, folks.

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