Name: Aleksey Tikhonov


Key experience and abilities:

  • Data Mining / Machine Learning / Big Data Processing
  • Social and Organizational Network Analysis
  • Applied Behavior and Segment Analysis
  • Rapid Prototyping (Python, Perl, PHP, Processing, C, several assemblers, JS, R/Octave)
  • MapReduce / SQL
  • Data Visualization, Dashboards design
  • Communication Skills / Presentations / Storytelling
  • Quantitative Analytics skills
  • Market Research and Monitoring

Tech skills and habits:

  • Current
    • Python (+numpy+scipy+matplotlib+...)
    • MapReduce
    • Linux/BSD user
    • Processing
    • HTML5+JS+D3
  • Past
    • ASM: x86, ARM7, Z80
    • C & C++
    • Perl & PHP
    • PostgreSQL, MySQL,
    • HTML4+JS

Professional background:

  • Yandex (2011-current time)
    Top Russian Search engine
    Position: Head of Search Analytics group
    Key responsibilities:
    • To manage a team of up to 10 analysts
    • To build strategic analytics reports (market forecasts, new products suggestions, etc)
    • To provide a strategic business, product and technical analysis
    • To support new products launches / existing products updates
    • To formulate KPIs and metrics of the product
    • To measure dynamics of metrics changes (i.e., using AB-testing tools)
    • To check statistical significance of hypotheses
    • To interpret results of the research
    • To specify, describe and analyze segments of products’ users
    • To extract and analyze search queries patterns and typical behavior patterns
    • To provide ad-hoc market analysis research
    • To develop tools (algorithms, dashboards) for the regular market analysis
    • To provide and support internal analytical knowledgebase
  • Yandex (2010-2011)
    Top Russian Search engine
    Position: Search analyst
    Key responsibilities:
    • almost the same as above
    • Search Analytics group emerged as a result of my work as a search analyst
  • Corelogic (2005-2010)
    Consulting and IT solutions for the financial sector
    Position: CTO, cofounder
    Key responsibilities: Lead analyst and system architect, project manager. Head of development team
    Significant projects:
    • “Business SNA system design”
      Key features of product:
      • To identify patterns in intra-company communications
      • To build the information propagation diagrams
      • To classify relationships between co-workers (business and personal)
      • To identify unusual events
    • “Investment Services Client’s Personal Cabinet” (analytical module)
      Key features for the customer:
      • To receive information regarding the dynamics of a family of investment instruments
      • To monitor profits and risks using various risk metrics (the Sharpe ratio, the Sortino ratio, correlation with benchmarks and indices, etc)
    • “Registry and Workflow of Investment Funds system”
      Key features:
      • To provide the accounting functions of fund operations
      • To support the calculation of NAV and share cost
      • To accomplish the integration with the bank's accounting and brokerage system
    • “Retail agent network management and control system”
      Key features:
      • To support the sales agents for a retail broker
      • To provide the agent management system
      • Constructing, backtesting and developing of several trading strategies.
  • Computer Science department, Moscow State University (2002-2005)
    Laboratory of Computer Systems
    Position: Developer, consultant, postgraduate
    Key responsibilities: Postgraduate research and development, teaching computer science.
    Significant projects:
    • The environment for the visualization and analysis of the functioning of distributed software and hardware systems.
    • Participation in a project aimed to create a precise simulator of the aircraft avionics with ability to switch between simulating hardware and using the real one (for the “Sukhoi” company (one of the leading Russian military aircraft producers).
    • Consulting the team working on the distributed network security systems.
  • AlphaSquare (1999-2002)
    Web studio
    Position: Developer, later lead developer
    Key responsibilities: Developer, System architect
    Significant projects:
    • Designing the architecture, developing and deploying 20+ web sites and portals
    • Reverse-engineering of an implicit model of search engine’s ranking mechanism on the basis of publically available information
    • Building early analogues of today’s common web technologies (AJAX, JSON) based on functionality of IE4, NN4


  • Moscow State University (1997 – 2002) Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics
    Degree: Master of Science in Math and Computer Science
    Diploma title: "Development of the environment for the visualization of functioning distributed programs" Nominal grant from the company Sun Microsystems for “Development of the internet operable control device for home appliances” (in conjunction with Einthoven University, the Netherlands)
  • Coursera courses
    • Computer Networks, 96.7% (University of Washington, 2013)
    • Computational Molecular Evolution, 99.7% (Technical University of Denmark, 2013)
    • Networked Life, 97.18% (University of Pennsylvania, 2012)
    • Social Network Analysis, 94% (University of Michigan, 2012)
    • Gamification, 98.75% (University of Pennsylvania, 2012)
    • Natural Language Processing, 94.9% (Stanford, 2012)
    • Model Thinking, "above 90%" (University of Michigan, 2012)
    • Machine Learning, RQ80/80, PE800/800 (Stanford, 2011)
    • Artificial Intelligence, 97.5% (Stanford, 2011)
  • Brainbench certificates:
    • Network Security, 2008
    • Python, 2007
    • Apache Administration, 2007
    • C++, 2007
    • Perl, 2000
    • PHP4, 2000
    • OO Concepts, 2000
    • Interpersonal Communications, 2000
    • and several more
  • Others:
    • Data Mining Diploma (Intuit, 2010).
    • Cisco Certified Network Associate, (Cisco, 2003).

Publications and conferences:

  • “Learning Supervised PageRank with Gradient-Based and Gradient-Free Optimization Methods”
    (Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 29 (NIPS 2016))
  • “What can be Found on the Web and How: A Characterization of Web Browsing Patterns”
    (in proceedings of WebSci'2015)
  • “Parameter-Free Discovery and Recommendation of Areas-of-Interest”
    (in proceedings of SIGSPATIAL 2014)
  • “Crawling policies based on web page popularity prediction”
    (in proceedings of ECIR 2014)
  • “Studying Structure and Evolution of Search Engine Query Flow”
    (in proceedings of YSDA'2013)
  • “Studying Page Life Patterns in Dynamical Web”
    (in proceedings of SIGIR'2013)
  • “Analyzing conversations with dynamic graph visualization”
    (in proceedings of ISDA'2010)
  • “Deblackboxing digital camera”
    (speech on CONFidence, 2010)
  • “Social communications mining”
    (speech on ITS Conference for the Next Generation, 2010)
  • “Fuzzy. pattern search through the traces saved during the execution ("run-traces") of distributed computing systems”
    (in proceedings of MSO MSU, 2005)
  • “Semantic information compression for the visualization of the run-traces of distributed computing systems”
    (in proceedings of MSO MSU, 2003)

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