Older projects



Dashboard for the monitoring of the key market indexes (for a search engine company).

Several different figures with different time scales — from weekly avarages to minute values.

Dozens of different dimientions such as geography, daily time, browseres and OSes, social-demographic groups etc.

Gephi RUS

Building of the Russian version of the best graph visualisation software.

Check the official site for the latest version.



The captcha solver for a Chinese postal service site.
Some data collection and processing, image cleaning and segmentation, training neural networks.

Some details can be found here (in Russian).


The prototype of the lossy text compression utility, based on the hypothesis of the uneven semantic value of different parts of speech in the Russian language: the nouns are the most valuable, the adjectives and adverbs — the least meaningful.

Some details can be found here (in Russian).


Leading role in the project for the behavioral segmentation of users of the huge online service.

Formalization of the problem, construction of a list of factors, calculation of the factors for ~9 millions of user sessions; clustering and interpretation of the results of the clustering.

Formation of a portrait of the user of each segment.



A number of the information visualization works.

Collecting and processing the data, selecting the visualization methods, implementing and publishing the results.

Several examples could be seen here (in Russian).

Photo Tournament

Leading role in organizing and conducting the series of the non-commercial offline photo contests.

Developing the concept, creating the web-site, online and offline promo-materials, coming up with the tasks for the contest, scheduling the event, online support during the contest and the award ceremony.

See the project website.



Development of the automatic focus stacking algorithm for the series of photographs taken with the different focus distance.

Identifying the sharp areas, sorting layers in the order of (increasing/decreasing) depth, glueing them together, building a 3D landscape.

Testing algorithms on the photos of crystals of salt with 400-fold zoom (Russian).

Fractals Lectures

Developing and conducting a series of lectures on the fractals and chaotic behaviour of the complex systems.

Some of the materials are available there.



The concept of the mobile social network.

The idea was to build a network based on cellular, geo-tagged communications of users that would give the users effective channels of interaction that would help them to solve their social and commercial objectives with regard to their geographical position relative to each other.


The translation and implementation of the Russian version of the Bullshit-Bingo game in collaboration with html programmer.

The game is currently available here (in Russian).


The universal library for the declension of the numbers in a given case.

The support of the six Russian cases and numbers up to one billion, processing of decimal fractions and the set of ready-to-use enumerated objects (like typical currencies and etc).

The more detailed description of the library (in Russian).


The interactive map of the points of interest and attractions of the city of Vladimir.

Collecting the data, geo-coding it, implementing server and client parts.

The resulting map is available here.



Participating in reverse-engineering of firmware of Canon digital cameras

Decrypting and modifying the firmware updates, extracting and disassembling the ROM dump, patching the original firmware with new features: RAW format shooting, "live" histogram, scripting etc.

Read more on the official site of the CHDK project.



Intellectual answering machine and collocutor for IM (ICQ).

Building the knowledge base upon the ICQ history and arbitrary literary texts; writing the ICQ (later Jabber) client app, coming up with the response generation algorithms and implementing them.

It is currently available in the Jabber network at the address


Pen-testing a number of networks based on various stacks of protocols (including TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, X25 networks).

Creating a security guide and IDS configurations for the web servers.

Design and implementation of prototypes of distributed systems of the autonomous agents.


Development of web portals for the companies from the banking and investment sectors.

Development of the engines for typical internet sites: online shops, production catalogues, personal pages and etc.


Participated in creating several stock exchange strategies (SNP500 futures and options).

Development of Markowitz-based methods of the investment portfolio control.


The research on information entities in the social environment ("memes").

Building the collection of memes samples, their comparative analysis and the attempt of the classification.

Computer Graphics

Creating a bunch of different tools for computer graphics, including non-interactive raytracer and several interactive demoscene styled scrollers in collaboration with the group of enthusiasts.

Implementation of some classic (emulation of fire, running lines, drops of water, z-buffer, s-buffer, sort faces, etc) and proprietary algorithms (fractal trees, water waves, dna-scrolling, etc).

Watch some examples.