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Think outside the tab!

Important instructions:

  1. Use latest Chromium-based browser (tested under Chrome 35, YaBrowser 14.5, Opera 22 @ Win7x64).No Firefox, no Safari, no IE. Sorry.
  2. Change site settings to allow the popups for
  3. Better use a fresh browser without plugins or extentions and with a clean cache.
  4. Move this tab to the dedicated window and resize it to small or average area.
  5. Refresh this tab after resizing.
  6. Press button & enjoy!


  1. It could be VERY slow!
  2. Use at your own risk! It could waste your browser, your system and your life! You have been warned!
  3. Feel scared? Stay safe and just watch the movies:

This experiment uses setImmediate.js from for the speedup of inactive tabs updates.

You can also try and check the branch for the old Opera versions.

© altsoph, 2014.