StarTrek bot

Once upon a time, a very long time ago now, about last Friday, I decided to try to make my first own telegram-bot. Just to make things more warm and cozy, I took one of the very first computer games in the history -- a text-based Star Trek made by Mike Mayfield and several high school friends in 1971.

As a basis, I took a Python port of the game made by Tim Holyoake, added some FSM stuff to keep states of concurrent players and all necessary bot logic. I kept the original texts and UI but added some easter eggs along with the extended description and help page.

A couple of words about the game itself:

Star Trek is a text-based computer game that puts the player in command of the USS Enterprise on a mission to hunt down and destroy an invading fleet of Klingon warships.The game developed in 1971 as the original Star Trek television show had only recently ended and was still extremely popular.

The first version was for SDS Sigma 7, using an account at the University of California, Irvine. The original Sigma 7 version, and its descendants were ported or copied to a wide variety of platforms. Several years later a lot of microcomputer versions appeared and were widely available and modified. Some ancient versions were popular in Russia too, so it was one of the first computer game I saw in the 1980s.

Now you could find my StarTrek bot online and its code on my github (I removed the API key and all easter eggs:) Press /start to start a new game. Use /help to get help on controls and /about to get a short story about the original game. Thanks to Evgeny Vasin and Ivan Yamshchikov for beta-testing.

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